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The magic of YouTube


Have you ever wondered how the YouTube platform works? How do you play your favorite music without putting it on? Numerous systems that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) control most of the information that circulates on the web. Different platforms observe user behavior and have algorithms that are designed to propose things that might interest them. The YouTube platform makes a first list of recommendations with hundreds of videos related to the one that the user is watching and then improve this list taking into account their clicks, tastes and other interactions, with the aim of keeping users for longer against the [...]

The magic of YouTube2019-12-12T12:39:04-03:00

Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry


At present, artificial intelligence (AI) is a contribution in several industrial sectors and the pharmaceutical industry is not exempt from these technological procedures. Today, the doses of a medicine are standardized, essentially, based on the patient's age range. As Bertrand Bodson CDO of Novartis explains, AI would help generate new drugs that are more effective and, in addition, suggest more precise and smarter doses so that patients have a better treatment. Bodson suggests that establishing an AI model using machine learning algorithms could help the generation of personalized treatments according to the characteristics of each patient, biology and genetics among others. [...]

Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Industry2019-12-12T12:39:12-03:00