The challenges of today’s society, characterized by change, technology, information and communication, require that our students develop skills that allow them to function in it, being active participants in these changes. Of course, the work of the subjects separately is not responding to this need for educational training and that it is necessary to implement programs with an active approach that strengthen critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Students must develop skills to live and work in an environment in constant transformation and for jobs that, although they do not exist now, will exist in the near future.

A new term arises in the area of ​​education: STEAM. This is an acronym in English that comes from the words Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

STEAM is an integrating curriculum of disciplines in which students develop attitudes and habits of work and collaboration, in order to design and build solutions, connecting science, mathematics and technology with engineering practices.

This curriculum is designed to be worked through Project Based Learning (ABP). In this, students face entertaining challenges or real problems of everyday life that have to be solved creatively and collaboratively. Thus, connections between different learning areas are strengthened and skills are enriched when these areas are combined to be used in authentic contexts, where they must identify a problem and creatively seek a solution.

In Chile, the new change in the Curricular Bases seeks to develop different aptitudes and abilities in the students through the ABP method, which is why, within the bases, the subject Sciences for Citizenship is incorporated (the module), which Through the STEAM methodology, it allows the student to learn that mathematics and science, together with technology, are necessary tools to help identify problems, collect and analyze data, model phenomena, test possible solutions and apply them.

Thanks to these new ways of conceiving learning is that CoreSkills is created, this is a company that develops the skills for the 21st century with a sustainable vision that ensures the prosperity and development of people and the planet through Learning Based in Projects. The CoreSkills methodological proposal is based on the conviction that true learning is built through a deep connection with the real world where students (build) create their own knowledge through projects with moments of planning, organization, creation, experimentation, dissemination and evaluation, under a logic of progressive learning.

CoreSkills has 4 mini-projects to develop STEAM activities:

  • C-Lab 1: It aims to understand the principle of operation of an ultrasonic sensor, students could generate a system of approach alarms to guide the way to people with visual disabilities, through sounds that alert the danger, such as when they find stairs, street crossings, etc. This laboratory seeks to contribute to the construction of a more inclusive country, which considers the different capacities of people.

  • C-Lab 2: seeks to understand the principle of operation of a photoresistor and apply in a practical way the law of Ohm. In this, students will be able to develop an on and off system for the luminaire of schools or places, contributing to the reduction of energy expenditure and reducing the environmental impact.

  • C-Lab 3: It aims to build a handmade soil moisture sensor, which would allow students to create a weather station in order to generate environmental awareness and provide the community with information to improve crops.

  • C-Labs 4:promotes the deepening of the binary numbering system, students could generate a mechanism of intelligent locks of lockers, shelves and doors of the school, in addition to favoring the community with these proposals.

All these laboratories are enhanced in a virtual academy that allows to guide the pedagogical process and visualize the progress of students through the connectivity and dissemination of user information, allowing to create a direct network of communication between all and all, thus forming a CoreSkills community..

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